Dealer Faucet Support

Dealer Process for any Faucet Malfunctions


1) Please ensure client is original purchaser of faucet through proof of purchase
2) Please ensure faucet  has been  installed by a licensed plumber. If this is not the case, warranty will be null & void
3) Please direct your client to warranty certificate that accompanied their new Bristol faucet pre-installation  which outlines  phone number to call to speak directly with a Bristol specialist. (also available in showroom catalogue or on Bristol website)
4) To assist with a speedy resolution, please ask your client to take a photo or short video of the running faucet in order to email to Bristol for immediate assessment & proper diagnosis.
5) Please advise client that you will email Bristol providing client contact information & a brief outline of the issue as presented by your client
6) Please assure your client that a Bristol specialist will follow up with them within 24 hours
7) Please be assured that we will do everything in our power to come to a satisfactory resolution for your client


1) Do Not take back any faucet that has been installed
2) Do Not reimburse any client for faucet returns-the warranties are facilitated through Bristol Sinks & Faucets
3) Do Not pre diagnose faucet issues-Please leave this process in the hands of a Bristol specialist
4) Do Not provide any spare parts from showroom displays unless you have spoken to a Bristol specialist & been provided approval from Bristol to proceed with this resolution

We want to assure our dealers that your customers are our ultimate priority & we will do everything in our power to come to a speedy & positive outcome!

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